Apex Commercial Greenhouses

Our greenhouses come standard with highly insulative 12mm twin wall UV inhibited Polycarbonate
coated with an anti condensation layer housed within a fully galvanized cold rolled structural
framework. Offering multiple side wall heights and span width ranging from ~26’ to 35’ and any length,
sizing is flexible through the combination of widths to create any dimensional configuration.

Heavy duty ground post anchors or mounting feet are supplied for permanent fixing of the structure to
the earth and galvanized cold formed steel gutters manage all storm water.

Sliding doors for access together with mechanical or passive ventilation come standard and additional
environmental controls are included such as wet walls for cooling. Automatic controls for Light
deprivation And total automation controls to bring the highest efficiency in productivity.

Raised moveable growing beds, heating blankets to control root temperature as well as drip irrigation
are offered to allow success within any growing matrix. Supplemental LED lighting and Hydroponic
systems and all related hardware and growing materials are available to fill out the entire spectrum of
the offering.

Apex Greenhouses provide a turnkey system that is the state of the art.


Apex Building Technology brings to market its solution for solar powered infrastructure-building
worldwide, offering the state-of-the-art solar technology in prefabricated, instantaneously installed
mini-grids for residential commercial and agricultural clients. Modular systems can be sized from as little
as 3kW and up from small residential applications to commercial use in entire communities. Bringing the
power of infrastructure as a deliverable anywhere in the world, Apex Building Technology provides
clean, reliable easily affordable on demand infrastructure.


Apex uses its building system to create its powered assemblies. Each assembly can be shipped in
the same way a container ships to the job site but with inherent advantages. Besides the obvious
container shape, Apex can finish the exterior with siding, false windows and other features to make
the units more attractive in residential applications. Secondly, Apex offers virtually unlimited
configurations. If it’s a miniature 3kW mobile trailered system you require or a fully expandible
micro-grid or a rack mounted PV system for your roof, Apex has you covered.

The standard Containerized Power Pack

Apex offers a totally turn-key set up which is fully loadable with all parts and components for set
up as a containerized unit for trucking or worldwide shipping anywhere.

Expandable means that individual solar modules can be interlinked to create a much larger
power block.

Off grid and grid tied functionality give seamless interconnectivity to utility infrastructure.

Upgrades and Options
*Expandable PV cells
*Integrated Generator (Diesel, Propane or Natural Gas)

Standard Rack-mounted PV roof top system
Apex manufactures standard roof mounted systems which it provides to its clients for
installation by their licensed electrician. Components come with assembly instructions and






Apex Building Technology is designed without compromise. Manufacturing its own proprietary structural Magnesium Oxide sheathing, Rock Max, Apex clads the building system inside and out in an impenetrable barrier.

Apex’s Basalt fiber core insulation provides a highly insulative, energy-efficient core and its steel-framed backbone combines to make a structurally superior building. All materials are Class-A fire rated, non-combustible and the system easily withstands 2 hours in the fire chamber.

All Materials are mold-proofunaffected by waterBug Proof, and, Contain no VOCs.

Every wall and floor are a sound stop creating the most comfortable living environment leaving sound where it starts. And, if this is not enough, the combination of steel framework, Rock Max MGO board, and basalt core give Apex Building technology structural superiority.